O Asterisk Development Team tem o prazer de anunciar o lançamento do DAHDI-Linux e DAHDI-Tools versão 2.3.0.

DAHDI-Linux 2.3.0, 2.3.0 DAHDI-Tools, e DAHDI-Linux-Complete estão disponíveis para download imediato em:


Além de várias correções de bugs, as mudanças mais significativas a partir da versão 2.2.0 são:

General DAHDI Changes:

* Static /dev/dahdi files are not generated at install time since udev is used
on all the supported distributions.  build_tools/make_static_devs is
available for those users who still need the static device files.

* UDEV_DIR can be set during build in order to override where the build will
place the udev rules.

* dahdi_dummy is no longer built by default.  DAHDI will automatically use a
kernel timer to provide timing if there isn’t a physical span which is
providing timing.

* Added support for 16 kbps software hdlc.

* Added support for software configurable BRI TE/NT mode and termination

* Support for additional error counts added to dahdi_spaninfo.  New counters
include framing errors, coding violations, bit errors, and errored seconds.

New Drivers:

* dahdi_dynamic_ethmf included to support TDMoE Multi-Frame Devices from
Redfone Communications.

Updated Drivers:

* wctdm24xxp: Support for Digium Hx8 hybrid digital/analog cards.

* wcte12xp, wct4xxp: Added support for more fine grained maintenance modes.
Among other things, it is possible to now place cards supported by these
drivers into local loopback without the use of an external loopback plug.
See dahdi_maint in dahdi-tools for more information.

* wct4xxp: Added support for Fifth Generation firmware which allows dual and
quad span cards to function on systems which are unable to service the
interrupt every millisecond in addition to support for revision 3.1 of the

* wcb4xxp: Swyx 4xS0 SX2 QuadBri, HFC-4S Eval board, and several additional
Junghanns cards added to the device table.

* wct4xxp, wcte12xp: Added losalarmdebounce, aisalarmdebounce, and
yelalarmdebounce module parameters in order to configure alarm debounce
times (specified in ms).
* wcte12xp: Added ‘max_latency’ module parameter.  VPM initialization moved into
start span and VPM is polled and reset if necessary.  This is to accommodate
systems that experience interrupt latencies > 128ms.

* xpp: ‘offhook’ also applies to the PRI modules – no PCM passed if no call.
Udev rules updated for newer kernels / udev.

Changes to dahdi-tools:

* dahdi_maint: A new tool which allows the maintenance mode of spans that
support the maintenance mode interface to be configured.  This includes
setting various loopback modes and error injection.

* dahdi_tool: “loop” button was removed from the span page.  This will soon be
handled through the dahdi_maint utility.

* fxstest: now supports generating DTMF CID spills for testing.

* dahdi-perl: /proc/bus/usb no longer required for dahdi_hardware and such. Can
use a dump generated by build_tools/dump_sys_state. Support loading firmware
from 1163 (minimal firmware) devices.

Para obter uma lista completa de mudanças nessas versões, consulte o ChangeLogs em:



Problemas encontrados nestas versões podem ser relatados em http://issues.asterisk.org

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