O time de desenvolvimento do Asterisk tem o prazer de anunciar o lançamento do novo release do pacote Libpri.

As atualizações contem varias correções e melhorias, veja algumas:

1.) Support for NT-PTMP BRI links, including support for multiple TEIs and connecting of BRI phones.

2.) Support for allowing persistent Q.921 drops on both NT and TE PTMP links, as well as automatically requesting that Q.921 data links reactivate when needed by Q.931.

3.) T309 is enabled by default.

4.) Problems with Keypad Facility Digits were addressed.

5.) A number of additional service related features were added: Connected Line Information, HOLD/RELEASE support, Call Deflection/Call Rerouting, as well as partial subaddress support. They are supported in the Q.SIG and EuroISDN switch types, and most currently require using the trunk version of Asterisk.

6.) Many potential and realized Q.921 related problems, particularly during retransmissions and other scenarios involving medium to high packet loss.

Para ver todas as mudanças leia o ChangeLog:


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